Just the Right Sensory Swing

by Leah Peeler

Just the Right Sensory Swing

Leah Peeler, mother of two boys with special needs and a certified occupational therapist assistant, write about how InYard’s therapy swing changed her kids life, and count the reasons why this is a must item for any special needs family

My name is Leah and I have been married for 9 years and we have 2 beautiful boys. My oldest son, Caeden (6 years old) has Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing disorder (SPD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). My youngest son, Connor (5 years old), has SPD and anxiety.

I have been searching for just the right sensory swing for quite some time now. I am very picky in the swing that I chose due to wanting it to give all the appropriate therapeutic benefits. When I found InYard Therapy Swing I was very excited because the pricing was affordable and the swings are incredible.

I am a certified occupational therapy assistant. So I bring a unique point of view to the table with being a therapist and a special needs mom. As a therapist it was important to meet the child’s sensory needs before continuing on to any other activity. Almost always the child chose the cuddle swing. After swinging the child was better able to attend to task and was calmer.

Caeden, my 6 year old

Kid in Sensory Swing
For my son Caeden, his meltdowns and aggression was severe at times. Now when we see the start of a meltdown, we have him go on the swing. It calms him down right away and is better able to communicatehis feelings and frustrations.

We also have him go on the swing before we complete his homework or any writing activities. This really helps his brain get organized and give that vestibular input his body is craving which allows for him to have much better focus for homework.

For these reasons we put him in a cuddle position. Caeden also struggles with his head/neck control and allowing him to lay down on his belly forces him to lift his head up. He can crawl with his hands that help with his upper body strength.

He loves flying like superman which also assists with head/neck control( take a look at the video below).

Caeden also struggles with trunk control (abdominal muscles), appropriate posture, and tends to lean back when sitting down.

If we roll the fabric for the sensory swing, this has him sitting and swinging with zero back support. I also have him reaching for items which further helps with his trunk control. For Caeden it helps with all four of his diagnoses and plus he absolutely loves it!

Connor, my 5 year old

For my son, Connor, his anxiety is through the roof over every little thing. I have felt for some time that his anxiety is so high due to the sensory issues he struggles with. For example if we tell him he is going some place new, he gets very anxious.

So now, we tell him any new information while he is swinging and he tends to handle the change of routine much easier. He really benefits from the cuddle swing as he looks so happy and peaceful. He is less whiney, less anxious, and in general happier when he gets on the swing.

This swing has really helped our entire family. As a therapist I am focusing on the benefits of the swing and my boys are just focusing on how fun and comforting it is.

So overall the swing has helped with calming and regulating behavior, balance, spatial awareness, proper postural control/positioning, reduces anxiety, gives appropriate vestibular input, head/neck control, and increased attention to task.

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Leah Peeler
Leah Peeler


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