Why a Weighted Blanket is Good for Autistic Children

by Liran Davidovich

Why a Weighted Blanket is Good for Autistic Children

Weighted blankets are becoming more and more popular these days, and with good reasons. The blankets are filled with weights of various kinds, usually small magnets, pellets or items that resemble sand, and gently 'hug' the children who use them.

Using a weighted blanket for autism or ADHD is especially popular, as the blanket is known to be extremely effective for people with such conditions. If you have a child who is over-excited or active before falling asleep, weighted blankets can help your child relax, focus get comfortable, and even fall asleep more quickly.

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Weighted Blankets and Autism
Both children and adults can have various types of autism, including Asperger’s and sensory processing challenges. For many years, people have used a weighted blanket for autism and other issues, and they have been proven both safe and effective for children and adults of all ages.

They come in a variety of weights, and are usually developed with occupational therapists so that they are made the right way. They are made with high-quality and durable fabrics, and are perfect for homes and schools.

The way weighted blankets work is simple. Essentially, they put extra pressure on the body’s nerve centers so that it feels like one is being 'hugged.' Weighted blankets come in all sizes and colors, and are scientifically proven to help calm, relax and de-stress people. Users feel more comfortable and less tense, and are therefore more able to focus and calm.

Using this type of sensory blanket means not only falling asleep faster, but also staying asleep longer. The blankets can be made as small as a child’s blanket or large enough to fit a king-sized bed.

There are also other weighted items, such as weighted animals and sleeping bags. Regardless of someone's condition, the weighted blankets will likely help in those all-important minutes before falling asleep at night. They are soft, comfortable and effective. They also come in a variety of colors and prints that will attract even the most active child’s attention.

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Other Advantages to Using a Weighted Blanket
There is no denying the effect that a good weighted blanket has on an autistic child. Autistic people are often uncomfortable with touch. However, when you apply deep pressure to the body, autistic children often respond to being hugged tightly and this one aspect of weighted blankets is enough to enable them to feel secure enough.

Under the soft fabric, the deep pressure involved and the number of small pressure point. Inside the blanket, the kids feel protected and even self-confident.

They are meant to last, made to withstand even the roughest use, and come in all sizes and colors. In fact, children are seldom even aware that their blanket is 'different,' because all they know is that the blanket is soft and fun to look at!

Whether someone is autistic or is simply too hyperactive to fall asleep each night, weighted blankets can definitely help. Purchasing a high-quality weighted blanket is simple and also inexpensive solution, as many of them start at under $100.

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Liran Davidovich
Liran Davidovich


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