10 Reasons to Purchase a Sensory Swing for Your Child

by Liran Davidovich

10 Reasons to Purchase a Sensory Swing for Your Child

Special needs children can present challenges, just like all other children do, but at the end of the day these children are loving, sensitive and wonderful to have around. These children have various unique needs, but fortunately, there are numerous companies that make a variety of excellent products to help any special needs child feel more safe and secure.

One of these products is a special type of swing that helps with sensory integration. Before you buy a sensory swing of any kind for your child, there are some things you should know.

1. It Helps with the Vestibular System
The vestibular system is found in the inner ear and helps with balance and one's sense of direction. When children participate in a swinging motion, it helps develop the vestibular system and allows them to feel that their movement and sense of direction are aligned and in perfect harmony, which is good for their sense of comfort and worth
2. It Helps with the Proprioception System
The proprioception system relates to knowing one's body parts and how they all relate to one another. When children swing, it teaches them how to control a moving object and figure out exactly where they are in space.

3. It Provides Just the Right Amount of Stimulation
This is one of the best reasons to buy a sensory swing. Special needs children are often separated from their counterparts and do not get sufficient emotional and physical stimulation, which can cause them problems. Special needs children need to play, too!

Child in Sensory Swing

4. It Allows Them to Develop a Sense of Control
Many autistic and other special needs children do not feel a sense of control. Since being in a swing involves a lot of individuality, it is a perfect pastime for special needs children.

5. It Can Help Them with Brain Development
Brain development continues throughout much of one's life, but since many special needs children do not participate in many of the educational and neurological activities that other children do, their brains can actually be slower to develop. The stimulation they get from a swing is just the right amount to help their brains develop and grow.

6. Swings Are Calming
This may sound obvious, but autistic children in particular can have a difficult time becoming calm. Swings provide a perfect and fun way to calm and soothe them.

7. The "Close" Feel of Swings Can Make Them Feel More Secure
Much like snuggling in a blanket at night, most people like the "closeness" of items such as swings. It makes one feel secure and safe. This is no different for special needs children.

8. It Is Good Physical and Occupational Therapy
Yes, swings are therapy. Children need a certain amount of muscle strength to cause the swing to move, which helps their muscles, and their sense of coordination and "togetherness" is being developed as well.

Girl play with Therapy Swing

9. Swings Are Inexpensive
A special needs swing is relatively inexpensive, and comes available for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and even colors, so it is easy to find the perfect swing for anyone.

10. Swings Are Fun
Swings are just plain fun. One mother wrote of her new swing for her special needs child, “I could listen to that laugh all day long!” And let’s face it, nothing is more satisfying than hearing your child laugh.

Sensory swings are perfect for special needs children because they help children develop all of their senses, allow them to have fun and teach them things about themselves and the world around them.

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Liran Davidovich
Liran Davidovich


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