Why Weighted Blankets Are Great for Children with ADD or ADHD

by Liran Davidovich

Why Weighted Blankets Are Great for Children with ADD or ADHD

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder – ADD – or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD – not only have problems concentrating and remaining still during the day, but most of them find it extremely difficult to focus, falling to sleep and remaining asleep at night.

These days, there are more all-natural products that help people with ADD and ADHD without the use of chemicals or dangerous medication. This includes a variety of weighted blankets, which include small weighted objects, such as pellets or even magnets, which weigh the blankets down and provide a hugging effect on the Children using them.

These weighted blankets have been proven to make people feel more comfortable and relaxed, and less tense, so that they can focus and concentrate for a long time. Best of all, the blankets are soft, comfortable and come in a variety of colors and designs, which makes them a lot of fun for the users.

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ADD and Weighted Blankets
ADD is a very common condition, and involves behaviors such as fidgeting, the inability to concentrate, mood swings and excessive talking. ADD is a neurological condition that can make anyone's life more challenging and even unhappy.

Since more parents are trying to keep their children clear of drugs and other dangerous solutions and desiring more all-natural cures, weighted blankets have attracted the attention of many of them. The use of a weighted blanket for ADD is an excellent all-natural remedy that helps calm your child down, and soothes and comforts him so that he can stay focus and relax for much longer time.

Not only are weighted blankets effective in helping someone with ADD to focus, but they also have certain physiological effects as well. Weighted blankets release the hormone serotonin, which is a sleep inducer and greatly helps a children fall asleep.

When your body releases serotonin, the ability to fall asleep comes naturally because one of its results is natural sleepiness. Adults with ADD can also benefit from one of these weighted blankets, because they come in all sizes, from children’s blankets to blankets that can fit over an entire bed.

In addition, choosing a weighted blanket for ADD is easy because most of the companies that offer this product can be found online. In fact, most of the best weighted blankets are found on the Internet, where these companies’ comprehensive websites include details on their products, full-color photographs and even prices, as well as a fast way to order the product online. Ordering weighted blankets online, therefore, is the best way to purchase these items.

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Weighted Blankets Come in Many Styles and Colors
Weighted blankets come in various sizes, styles and prints, including fun prints that are well-suited to children. The blankets have different weights, and it is generally recommended that they weigh 10 percent of the user's body weight, plus one pound.

Therefore, if a user weighs 80 pounds, the best weighted blanket is one that weighs nine pounds. The blankets should not be used on a child under the age of two, and they should also never reach above a child's shoulder area. If you have any concerns regarding the use of a weighted blanket, it is always recommended that you see a qualified physician before purchasing one of these products.

Dealing with a child that has ADD or ADHD can be difficult, but thanks to products like weighted blankets, getting them to focus and relax can be simple and quick.

Liran Davidovich
Liran Davidovich


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