15 Amazing Sensory Products for Your Child

by Liran Davidovich

15 Amazing Sensory Products for Your Child

Autistic and special needs children have special challenges when it comes to neurological, sensory and even motor development. Today there are many products manufactured that help develop their different senses and pull them all together, so they can feel more secure and learn to better relate to those around them.

There are also companies that make a variety of sensory products that help special needs children develop their brains and be able to function more easily in today’s world.

Below are 15 products to help the sensory integration of special needs children. While this list is by no means inclusive, it is an excellent place to start when looking for products for your special needs child.

1. Sensory swings 

Girl in red sensory swing

2. Spikey gloves 

Spikey Glove
3. Weighted Blankets 

Boy under weighted blanket

4. Stuffed, weighted animals 

weighted snake

5. Sensory Corn Brush

Sensory Corn Brush

6. Audible count-down timer clock  

 Audible count-down timer clock

7. Chew tubes of various shapes and sizes  

Chew tubes

8. Desk buddy bars that help with fidgeting

Desk buddy bars

9. Bean-filled sitting cushions 

Bean-filled sitting cushions

 10. Sit and spin toys 

Sit and spin toys

11. Weights for the ankles or wrists 

Weights for the ankles or wrists

12. Calming, auditory-processing rain sticks 

. Calming, auditory-processing rain sticks

13. Bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs

14. Chew necklaces


Chew necklaces

15. Inflatable, vinyl pea pod for the child to play in 

 Inflatable, vinyl pea pod for the child to play in

One of the main advantages of these types of products is that they not only provide sensory integration for children; they also allow them to participate in many of the activities that other children take for granted.

Whether it is swinging, playing with an educational toy of some type or simply enjoying some down time with a weighted blanket, autistic and other special needs children want to feel like they belong with other children and that they can do what those children do.

Although many of the Autism sensory products look similar to items for other children, they are specially designed to create the physical and emotional environment special needs children like those with autism need to grow and thrive.

Advantages of Using Sensory Products for Special Needs Children
Many people think that special needs children can only acquire a small amount of knowledge and development. However, there are organizations and medical people that have produced both therapeutic techniques and a variety of sensory products that really can improve the skills of the average autistic child.

Products that help special needs children can usually be found in both physical therapy and occupational therapy facilities, as well as medical and other types of facilities.
One of the biggest changes when it comes to products for special needs children is the increase in the number of websites that offer exceptional products and assistance for these children.

From help in finding the perfect therapist, to assistance in recommending and finding a wide variety of products for autistic children, these websites have everything you are looking for to help special needs children.

In addition to toys and blankets, there are companies that make other special needs products, offering everything from weighted clothing to school and learning supplies, and even items that help them work on areas such as cardio health, movement, and reading and writing skills.

Special needs children can become acclimated into almost any social or physical situation if they have the right tools and emotional support. Products that are made specifically for special needs children include a variety of different toys and other items that can help autistic children become healthier and happier.

Liran Davidovich
Liran Davidovich


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