InYard Therapy Swing

Is the Therapy Swing for children with special needs usable both indoors and outdoors?
Yes, it is!

How do I install the Therapy Swing?
You can find the indoor and outdoor installation instructions here.

What is the recommended ceiling height to hang the swing?
A regular ceiling (8 feet) would work well.

Can I hang the swing in a doorway?
You can, but we recommend hanging it in an open space so your child can enjoy swinging from side to side.

I live in a rented apartment. Can I install the swing in the ceiling?
Of course you can. When you want to remove the swing, cover the hole with plaster and paint it. The process is very easy.

My child finds it hard to get into the Therapy Swing by him/herself. What should I do?
You may need to help your child get into the swing for the first few times. However, the material is very flexible and your child should soon learn how to do it alone.

My swing is stretching to the ground. What should I do?
In case the swing touches the floor, you can knot the fabric near the shackle to shorten the fabric.

What is the maximum weight the swing can hold?
The standard size swing can hold up to 77 lbs/35 kg.
The Jumbo size swing can hold up to 165 lbs/75 kg.
It is not recommended to exceed the weight capacity.

What’s the difference between the standard swing and the jumbo swing?
The difference is the amount of material.

Can the jumbo swing be used by adults?
The jumbo swing can be used by adults as long as the weight is no more than 165 lbs.

What’s included in the package with the swing?
The swing comes with two ropes and a shackle. In case you want to hang the swing inside, you need to get the hardware (an eye bolt) for the ceiling.

What is the minimal age for kids to use the swing?
The swing comfortably fits children ages 3 and up.

Can I put the swing on a swing set?
Yes, as long as the swing set can hold the maximum weight.

Is the swing washable?
Yes! The swing is machine washable up to 86F/30C. Be sure to air dry it completely after washing.

InYard Weighted Blanket

What is the Weighted Blanket made of?
The Navy Body Blanket is 100% Navy flannel on the back and Navy Micro Fleece 100% polyester on the front.
The Zoo fabric is 100% cotton on the front and 100% cotton flannel on the back.

Are there different sizes and weights for the Weighted Blanket?
There are 3 different sizes:
30"X40" - 5lbs
41"X56" - 7lbs
41"X60" - 15lbs

How do I choose the recommended size for my child?
The recommended weight to use for the Weighted Blanket is 10 percent of the weight of your child’s body plus 1 extra pound.
Please check with the child's therapist or doctor to advise you on the use and type of weighted product before purchasing.

Are the blankets washable?
Yes. The blankets are hand washable and must be air dried.

What’s the weighted blanket filled with?
The blanket is filled with safe, non-toxic hypo-allergenic plastic poly pellets for weight, similar to those used in Beanie Babies.