Hanging Guide

Indoor Hanging 

1. Drill a hole in the ceiling.                       

 2. Screw the eye bolt into the hole.


3. Attach the shackle to the eye bolt.


*In case it's too high, you need to use the spare rope and make it lower by making a knot and tying it to the shackle.




How to install your therapy swing in a non-concrete ceiling

1. Locate a ceiling joist in the desired hanging area. Pass an electronic stud finder over the ceiling until the sensor lights up and indicates a joist location. Thump the location lightly with the handle of a screwdriver to verify the location. If it makes a solid sound, a joist is present. Mark the location lightly with a pencil.

2. Insert a drill bit on an electric drill that is slightly smaller than the shaft on the eye bolt. Tighten the chuck of the drill to hold the bit firmly in place.

3. Drill into the marked location to create the pilot hole for the eye hook

4. Screw the eye bolt into the pilot hole by hand. If the hook is difficult to turn, insert the shaft of a screwdriver into the eye of the hook. Use the handle and shaft of the screwdriver as a handle to turn the eye bolt. Turn the hook until the threaded portion is completely within the ceiling.


Outdoor Hanging 

1. Attach the spare rope to strong places – a branch, iron railing, or a wooden deck are ideal spots.


2. Create a strong knot with the spare rope.

3. Insert the shackle above the knot.

In case the swing is too low, create another knot in the original rope (which is attached to the swing) - but DO NOT untie the original knot.