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InYard’s Therapy Swing is designed to provide your child with hours of fun while reading, cuddling, swinging, or just laying down. Our therapy swing has received rave reviews from parents of special needs children, saying that this product brings brightness to their kids’ lives. The swing is made of 90% cotton and 10% Lycra to give it flexibility and make it soft to the touch. It is easily installed either indoors or outdoors.


As a therapy method, swinging is one of the best ways to help provide vestibular input for autistic children. Our cuddle swings are great for children with sensory processing disorders, vestibular input issues, autism and children with other special needs. Kids of all ages enjoy playing and relaxing in our cuddle swings which are known for their calming effects using the deep pressure technique. If your child has autism or sensory processing disorders, cuddle swing could greatly benefit him.