Occupational Therapists


We at InYard are always committed to providing the special needs community with great sensory products to make children’s lives better.

Working with occupational therapists, special needs schools, and other organizations is highly important to us. Therefore, we provide the professional community with two options to purchase our products at a preferred rate:

1. Contact us directly via email with your request and we’ll provide you with special rates. (info@inyardsproducts.com)
2. If you have an Amazon Business account, log in to our product page and receive our discounted price.

Additionally, if you are an OT or special needs teacher, and you have yet to experience our sensory Therapy Swing, do not hesitate to send us an email with a few words about you and your organization. We will then send you our sensory Therapy Swing to try out and see if it is right for your professional needs.