Saving grace
“My 18 month old has SPD and this is such a life saver. Whenever things are just too much for her she asks for her 'wing' and calms herself down. Thank you for such a wonderful product!”

Really is a great item for Sensory kids
“The kids absolutely loved this sensory swing and I really enjoyed watching them play on it. I am going to donate this to my work because we have many autism clients at work. I believe the clients will benefit from this as much as these kids here enjoy it. I really recommend this to anyone who has children with sensory problems.” 
Kylee Mills

This is the cuddle swing you want...
“We bought this sensory swing for our two boys with special needs (ages 5 and 3). They both absolutely love it! They call it their "pouch swing." It is made of a super soft, stretchy material. The colors are great (we got the green)! The material is thin enough to be breathable, especially for little faces as they nestle down into the comfort of the swing. It gives my boys the deep pressure and vestibular input that they need, while they have fun:) For one of my sons, this swing is extremely calming. He would be happy to sway gently in it forever. My other son likes to stand in it, climb on it, and spin around in it. It is great exercise for him. We highly recommend this swing to anyone who simply wants a fun therapy swing...but we especially recommend it to families whose children need a little extra sensory input during the day.”
C & V

Just right for my grandson!
“A therapy swing was recommended by my grandson's physical therapist, for his anxiety. The therapy swing was less expensive than others listed. The packaging included instructions for installing it, along with the appropriate hardware. The material is great quality, and perfect for my grandson, who has mild Asperger's, and weighs about 45 pounds. He uses it every day before he goes to UPK, and you can see how it helps to calm him before he starts his day.”
Linda Cruttenden

My son has a lot of sensory issues and is a huge fan of swinging
“My son has a lot of sensory issues and is a huge fan of swinging. He loves to curl up in this swing and nap. He also puts it under his arms and twirls around. He loves it!”
Nicole Bielskion

My child spends hours in it
“My 4 yo son with autism absolutely loves this. It's his favorite thing in the entire house. We had to start removing it because he wanted to spend all day in this hanging net which I think makes him feel like a safety cocoon of sorts.”
Byorly "Orly"

"Jax grabbed my hands and walked me over to the swing and lifted his leg. I think that was the first time he's ever really requested anything."

My Crazy Little People